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Thursday, July 29, 2010

::: Gold On Moon by march 2012 :::

I am back with new ideas getting request from several readers ........

Long time due to fathers expire i was in depression ........alas !!!!!

Mother nature is true god for controlling all sort of deeds ...we can see a change in political parties or somewhere reshuffle of ministers in state ...North & east india will see huge rains for next 1-2 months ......

Next 2-3 months grains will be in range ...copper remians to fall & much more ...... Still double dip recession may arise in nov-dec 2010 where we can see sensex at 14.5k & inflation will cost more .....realestate prices will crash till next march & depreciation will be on sideways ............

Gold may be some bullish after next 10 days ...we had see bottom today & may be a dip is there with in august 2nd week around these levels................. .Momentum is been forming track for next long term rally of 1350$ in gold by Sep 2010............

Gold will trade average of 1200 $ till 2012 march

Gold willl trade in a range of 1140-1320 till sept mid


::: Sunil S Jain:::

NOTE : Finding the right person to help you with your investment startegy is as importanat as the strategy itself

Disclaimer: There is risk of loss in all commoditiestrading. I do not guarantee profits or pre-determined loss points, and are not held monetarily responsiblefor the trading losses of others::

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